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Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Supply Chain

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Don't let cyber risks in your supply chain weaken the value of your organization's intellectual property.Cyber hacks have been occurring at an increasing pace. Industries targeted, types of attacks and entry points have all been evolving and growing. Corporate supply chains are becoming more susceptible to complex and long-term attacks with massive implications. Unchecked exposure to corporate supply chains is leading to some of the worlds most advanced attacks with wide-ranging implications. This topic will help highlight the cyber risks presented with most supply chains. You will learn some of the most common types of attacks, their effectiveness, and who they effect. You should be able to explain who is at risk and the severity of such risks.


Mark H. Zietlow, Innovative Law Group


Cyberattack Risk Vectors

• How Are Attacks Carried out?

• Who Are Usual Targets?

• What Happens Afterwards?

Access Control

• Who to Allow Access and to What?

• How Are Security Controls Relevant to Cyber Breaches and Attacks?

• What Type of Controls Are Being Used and Developed?

Cyber Supply Chain Management

• What Should You Consider?

• What Is at Risk?

• How to Continue to Improve


• What Are Current Trends in Security Implementation?

• What Are Future Security Implementation Techniques?

• How Can I Protect My Supply Chain and Organization?