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A Path to Your Ultimate Career Success by Expanding Powerful Personal and Business Networks

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn how to create business relationships that stay.You can't reach the ultimate in your profession or career by yourself. You CAN leapfrog the competition by getting others to help you. This information supplies the proven path to attain amazing results by using and improving business relationships. Learn how to emulate the eight secret traits of the top business relationship managers; how to improve and better manage your important business relationships that lead to higher fees, better retention, more referrals and happier employees - and ultimate career success.


Allan S. Boress, CPA, FCPA, Allan S. Boress & Associates


What's the Most Important Asset in Your Business?

The Significance of Redirecting Priorities to Succeed at Business Relationships

Discovering What We Consciously - and Subconsciously - Look for and Want out of Our Business Relationships as a Client, Customer and Referral Source

Gaining Marketing Leverage: How Clients and Referral Sources Can Specifically Catapult Your Career to the Upper Echelons to Your Profession (That You Can't Reach by Yourself)

Review of Two Case Studies, Proving the Systematic Path This Program Lays out for You

How Others Can Really Help You

What Must Be in Place to Realize the Complete Value of Your Business Relationships

Realizing What Works and Doesn't Work in Managing, Improving and Creating Powerful Business Relationships

Why Clients and Customers Leave and Stay

How Do Customers and Clients Define Quality Service?

Eight Secret Traits of Great Business Relationship Managers