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A Buyer's Guide to Pricing Strategies: Tips for Getting the Best Deal

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Get the best price for the most value when working with your vendors.Are we paying too much? Is our technology falling behind? Is it time to shop? Do we need an RFP? In a marketplace full of disruption and competition, these questions can haunt business leaders. Failing to get the most from your dollars spent can steal profit and weaken product offerings. Yet the lowest price can mean compromising quality or excessive risk. This topic presents a comprehensive approach to buying, from the first steps of goal definition through vendor selection all the way to securing favorable terms and conditions. The objective is not simply paying the lowest price but capturing the most value to move an organization toward its goals. You will learn to define purchase goals and success metrics, and identify benefits that will open up more options and provide negotiation strength. The information will explain how to find disruption and innovation in the marketplace to avoid investing in outdated solutions. A complete step-by-step sourcing process will be presented along with 45 purchasing tips for use with an RFP, RFQ, or structured sourcing process. You will also receive negotiation guidance, including conversational templates and plug-in scripts to use with vendors.


Jack Quarles, Jack Quarles


Defining the Best Deal

• Avoiding Bad Deals

• Focusing on Value: Defining Goals and Defining Currency

• Rejecting the Wrong Price Anchors and Defining Your Benefit

• Connecting Every Purchase to a Purpose

• The Difference Between Buying Resources and Results

Disruption and Innovation

• The Difference Between Solutions, Vendors, and Prices

• Borrowing Expertise Through Benchmarking Conversations

• Five Ways to Find More Options

Sourcing Process

• Leading Your Team Through a Structured Buying Process

• The 12-Step Process for RFPs and RFQs

• Controlling Communication: Internal and External

• Giving Vendor Feedback That Will Improve Your Deal

Wrap up and Check out

• Questions to Always Ask Vendors

• Reviewing Contract Terms and Conditions

• Value Conversation: A Template for Collaboration

• The One-Vendor Negotiation

• Review: 45 RFP Top Tips

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