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Strategies for Effective Video Editing

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

In this YouTube®/Facebook® video world, if you are not using video (or not using it correctly), you are missing an important and virtually free marketing solution. While it doesn't need to cost much to produce, video has critical components you need to know to make it work right and catch the attention of viewers. "Strategies for Effective Video Editing" can help anyone who is responsible for marketing, promotions, public relations, training, or other communications to create and edit videos that are more effective in reaching your audience with your message. Learn techniques for managing even complex projects from start to finish. This OnDemand Webinar explains steps you can take before, during, and after the video shoot to help turn your lackluster video into a relevant tool that will assist your audience in comprehending and retaining your message.


Lori Coffey, "Trainer Lori"


Pre-Production Techniques (Before You Shoot)

• Defining Your Purpose

• Storytelling

• Knowing Your Audience

Production Techniques (During the Shoot)

• Directing

• Using Photo and Design Techniques

• Making Audio Work for You

Post-Production Techniques (While You Edit)

• Knowing the Tools

• Using Clips

• Trimming It Right

Plus Video Editing Terminology