Seminar ID: 100616

Controlling Purchasing Card Risk

Presented By:
Kevin Allbritten

Allbritten Consulting, LLC

You will Learn:

  • How to start a P-card program and where to begin.
  • How to expand your existing P-card program to the next level.
  • How to get past the fear of P-card fraud.
  • A simple, hands-on approach to the challenge of P-card risks.

This 10 minute webinar will provide you with insight into my full on-demand webinar. My goal is to provide practical, useful insight into the subject of “Controlling Purchasing Card Risk." As the presenter, I will approach this from the perspective of someone who has been there and done that, not to rattle off survey results or try to impress with graphs. Not so much from the perspective of the “Subject Matter” or “Industry” expert, but rather from the perspective of someone who has worked through the process and through the issues. From the perspective of someone who has done the work!