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HTML Basics From A to Z

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Gain a useful, working knowledge of web page design and formatting using HTML.In today's world HTML powers the Internet. It is used to build the simplest web pages to the most advanced. One only needs to open a web browser to see HTML in action. Whether it's through online shopping, keeping up with the news, visiting your favorite blog or just searching the web, most of us are exposed to HTML on a daily basis but not everyone understands the fundamentals and principles that go into those web pages. This topic will help those looking to better understand how HTML is used to build web pages, how HTML content is styled and how additional functionality is added to web pages. Having a greater understanding of HTML can help promote more elegant and engaging content in web pages. It can also help provide more insight into decisions related to web presence including staffing, time management and the importance of using HTML appropriately to promote a greater web presence.


Matthew Crowley, Adtalem Global Education