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Present With Ease: The Science and Art of Effective Presentations

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Copyright 2016
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When you deliver a presentation, do your audiences lean in to listen, or tune out to text?If people are leaning in, they're engaged. The greater the level of engagement, the better your chances of presentation success, and your ability to support your business and communication objectives. If the audience is texting, they've tuned out. By definition, people who are texting cannot be listening to what you're saying. They are disengaged. The greater the number of people texting, the lower the chances of success. This topic will impart valuable insights to have your audiences leaning in for more. You will gain insight into what the research says about slides, and why the current status quo is less than optimal. You will learn how to deliver presentations conversationally to enhance engagement, understanding and support. And you will understand why answering questions is the secret sauce to engaging audiences in ways that help you achieve business and communication results.


Eric Bergman, Petticoat Creek Press, Inc.